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With a stepson and wife already and a new baby on the way, life has taken a new path for bryan. But music remains in his blood. bryan is busy trying to finish recording tracks for his upcoming solo project. There may still be a blues band possibility as well as his continued interest in writing and screenplays

At Jarrod's Place, Attleboro, MA
02 Jul 04

I needed a release. When you have a wife and a daughter and they both are having a bad week, you can understand that I needed to get my frustrations out in a healthy manner. After looking on the web at work at the shows coming to town on the weekend, I made a trek 80 minutes away from Fitchburg down to Attleboro, MA at Jarrods, my second time there. METAL RISING 2004After stopping at Burger King for a quick meal and arriving at 8:20pm, I checked my digital camera and hoped for the best.

When I arrived the guitarist from METAL RISING Bryan Martin came by and was impressed with my SAXON Metalhead shirt I was wearing, stating that "you don't see many of those shirts anymore". I took the chance to talk to him about his previous efforts in WITCH MEADOW and he was hoping that I would enjoy his latest band. The first two bands 12 GAUGE AFFINITY and THREONINE played varying levels of metal core - the first band noteworthy only for the facts that they had their drummer play a solo while gearing up for their acoustic song and that no one applauded for any song in their 35 minute set (granted there were only 60 people there, but even the people who were up front for them didn't applaud!) while the second band played a screamy SHADOWS FALL/ LAMB OF GOD styled metal core that bored me to tears. I stood at the bar, ordered a couple of Mike's Hard Lemonade and watched the Red Sox game on television.

At 10:15 pm METAL RISING hit the stage, a trio of artists that really played their hearts out despite the crowd leaving after the first two bands. METAL RISING 2004I would call their style traditional metal with elements of power and conventional hard rock- it's obvious that Bryan and the boys have honed in on their DIO, ACCEPT, W.A.S.P. and JUDAS PRIEST albums with their songwriting. The only area I think needs to be worked upon is their drummer's robotic nature - a lot of the songs he would use fill parts that mirrored the riffing, and I was hoping for more of an open ended, hard hitting style to compliment the great guitar and bass work. Bryan really tears up the guitar and has a pleasant melodic voice, I think that METAL RISING could go places with their sound. I'm looking forward to hearing their demo soon.

I gave the fourth band BROKEN SKIES one chance and when I heard their stomp heavy / screamy metal core style pour from their instruments, I said my goodbyes to the guys in METAL RISING and hit the road home. I wish club owners would book all metal core bands together and all traditional metal bands together, but that won't ever happen in my neck of the woods.

-Matt Coe